READ: 'Turn Up The Heat' Album Breakdown - Track 4

By Matt Interrupt.

Both James and myself are both big fans of 80s dancehall, which definitely had a big influence on a lot of tracks on the album. I've been collecting tunes on the Y&D's label for a few years and really fell in love with the sound of those records. This riddim is kind of a homage to that label, a major key dancehall tune very much in that vein, but with more modern production style.

Mr Williamz was a great fit for the tune, and came in with the hook 'Never hear a sound like this before' which fit well with the Reggae Roast Soundsystem vibe! The video shoot was great fun - it was shot under a bridge along the Hackney canal and marks the first time I've played a DJ set from the back of an ice cream van!



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