1. Brass Trojan Record Adapters Boxset, Front
  2. Brass Trojan 45 Record Adapters Boxset , Front & Above
  3. Stainless Steel Trojan Record Adapters Boxset, front. 45 Vinyl Adapters. Front
  4. Wooden Trojan Box, Record Adapters box, Side Angle
  5. Brass Trojan 45 Record Adapters, Boxset, Trojan Boxset, Above
  6. Stainless Steel Trojan Record Adapters Boxset, Above
  7. Single Brass Trojan Record Adapter, front
  8. Single Stainless Steel Trojan Record Adapter, front
  9. Brass Trojan Record Adapter, on vinyl record, on turntable. front
  10. Brass Trojan Record Adapter, on vinyl record, on  turntable, above
  11. Brass Record Adapter on turntable, side view

Trojan Records 45 Vinyl Adapters

Reggae Roast

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⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️   - "As a vinyl DJ these are really handy, especially if your records are warped or off centre. "  Max Power

Elevate the sound of your vinyl in style!

  • Official Trojan Merchandise
  • 2 in 1 record adapter & vinyl weight combo
  • Heavyweight - 114 grams of downward pressure stabilising your record
  • Precision Engineered for a tight fit
  • Rubber O ring to protect the record from the metal adapter
  • Improved traction for queuing, scratching & beat juggling
  • Stylish design & easy to pick up. No faff when DJing
  • Made from Solid Brass or Stainless Steel
  • Enhanced sound quality. Get the best out of your vinyl
  • Universally Compatible, works with any turntable
  • Last a lifetime. The only adapters you'll ever need!

Our Trojan Records 45 Vinyl Adapters are here to revolutionise your audio experience & add a touch of class to your audio set up.

Paying homage to one of the most icon labels of all time, these exquisitely crafted record adapters are made from a single piece of solid Brass or Stainless Steel, precision engineered for a snug fit.

They act as a weight, applying downward pressure on the vinyl, giving it additional stability & improved sound quality. The waisted design makes it extra easy to pick up quickly when DJing.

Each adapter is embossed with the iconic Trojan Records helmet, paying tribute to it's rich musical history.

The boxset consists of 2  x vinyl 45 adapters & a beautifully hand made wooden box to protect & store them in. 

Simply in a different class to any other record adapter on the market.

If you love vinyl, you'll love these!

Check out DJ Robert Smith using our 45 adapters in this Scratch routine. Notice the stability of the records!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
I was wrong. A record weight does make a difference

I picked up a new record and to my dismay, it came kinda bent. You can see in the photo that it wasn’t sitting flush on my acrylic mat. I put the record on and the bass sounded off as well as the instruments. Knowing my sound setup, I knew something was off. I ordered a vinyl weight after doing some research and some people said it doesn’t do anything or improve the sound. Well, I pulled the trigger and I was amazed. It seemed to flatten the record down better against my acrylic mat and the bass come through, and the instruments just sounded more vibrant and the music sounded much better. This is the reason to get a vinyl weight. It allows better contact between your platter mat and your record player and makes a noticeable difference on records that are slightly bent or aren’t sitting flush on your platter mat. Definitely a great investment into your setup.

Michael Curtis

…even if somewhat extravagant compared to those little plastic spiders that folk often use!
These look beautiful and I bought a pair, despite only having one turntable, as it meant I got the nice wooden presentation box too.

Great piece of kit

Lovely items 🤩. Arrived quickly and website easy to negotiate. One happy hubby on his birthday.

Clifford Woodley

Heavyweight centres! Solidly engineered and nice to us.

Eric Weinrib
Reggae Roast is the best!

I ordered some Trojan Record Adapters and they are of the highest quality. The first ones got lost in the mail because my post office is terrible and Reggae Roast was kind enough to ship me out another set. I hope the first ones made their way back to you Reggae Roast! Thank you for everything. I look forward to ordering from you again!

One love,

Joe h
Trojan record adapters

Great middles. No looking back when you purchase these little beauts, top draw