1. Brass Trojan Record Adapters Boxset, Front
  2. Trojan Brass 45 Record Adapter on Vinyl
  3. Trojan Brass Record adapter (side view) orange background
  4. Stainless Steel Trojan Record Adapters Boxset, front. 45 Vinyl Adapters. Front
  5. Stainless Steel Trojan Record Adapters Boxset, Above
  6. Wooden Trojan Box, Record Adapters box, Side Angle

Trojan Records 45 Vinyl Adapters

Reggae Roast

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Elevate Your Vinyl Sound In Style!

✅ 2 in 1 - Record adapter & weight

✅ Reduce vibrations & feedback

✅ Reduce skipping, improves stability

✅ Heavyweight Construction

✅ Solid Brass or Stainless Steel (114g)

✅ Precision Engineered for a tight fit

✅ Official Trojan Merchandise

✅ Speedy Shipping

✅ Money Back Guarantee

Paying tribute to one of the most icon Reggae labels of all time, these exquisitely crafted record adapters are made from a single piece of solid Brass or Stainless Steel. They lock into record reducing movement and improving stability.

Never have your 45's felt so secure on the platter!

Check out DJ Robert Smith using our 45 adapters in this Scratch routine. Notice the stability of the records!

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Mark Goodliff
Lovely heavy and stylish adaptors

Sure, they're not the cheapest but these are really solid, ergonomic adapters that handle large centre 45s really well. (edit - they seem to have been discounted a bit at the mo, so they're now not that expensive at all considering the wooden box they come in too). I'd been after a set that really snugly held 45s in the middle but also with a bit of downward stabilising pressure for slightly dished discs - and these do both those things. Maybe the only thing to consider is that they need removing each time you change record because they act as weights too - so that might slow down your DJ Koco-style quick mixing by a second or two each time. But I'm guessing, physics being what it is, that adaptors couldn't weigh down 45s without actually being on top of them, so that can't be avoided. Full disclosure: I've been emailed an incentive discount coupon for future purchases if write a review, but that's only been an incentive for me to write what I thought anyway. I'm not bigging them up on that basis - these are just good adaptors.


Love the product and service excellent!!

Ben Harley
Who’s gonna take the weight?!

You all should take a pair! These heavy weight adapters make such a difference to how you handle your 45’s when DJing. Highly recommend!!

Reggae Roast 45 adapters

These are well built and solid and not like some of the cheap ones on E Bay. I highly recommend the adapters and ordering from Reggae Roast as well. Jimmy is very helpful over his emails and really works well with the customer.

Jim Tobin
Quality products

Solid product, beautifully finished.


I'm very happy with the product👍