Reggae Roast @ Fire In The Mountain Festival (30th May 1st June)

We are excited to announce that Reggae Roast will be playing at one of most intimate festivals in the UK this Summer alongside Horseman & legendary sax man Adj from UB40!


The fusion of music and nature has always held a special place in the hearts of festival-goers . Among the myriad of festivals that celebrate this union, Fire in the Mountain stands out as a beacon of communal spirit and musical diversity.

Nestled amidst the picturesque Welsh countryside, this annual gathering attracts enthusiasts from all walks of life. And this year, the stage will be set ablaze by none other than Reggae Roast. 

More Info:

Fire in the Mountain is a festival, a party, a camp, a group of friends and a shared dream.

Rooted on an ancient farm that nestles between the Cambrian mountains and beautiful Cardigan bay - every summer we throw a small and much-loved music festival while red kites soar in the skies above.

We explore new and old folk culture, we celebrate creativity of all kinds and we seek the friendly spirits of mischief and joy. This is a festival where the land holds the heart - and we, the people, craft a kaleidoscope of beautiful experiences around it.

Fire in the Mountain owes its birth and life to a wonderful, and dear departed friend: Marianne. Back in 2009, a ragtag group of friends who loved folk song and bluegrass/old time music started visiting Marianne at the farm, which had been her home for 25 years. When she retired, it had become a struggle to maintain the farm - and, keen to see the place back in good condition, the group of friends cooked up a plan (with Marianne’s blessing) to invite some volunteers to do some repairs and generally tidy up. The friends also invited bands to play, ordered several barrels of beer and someone had the idea to try for a licence. With a permit, a name was needed - and "Fire In The Mountain" was born, named after an old Appalachian fiddle tune, that pays tribute to the beautiful site.

In the years since 2009, the group of friends have waxed and waned - new ones joining, old ones melting away (but often returning to the dancefloor every summer, if not the meetings) - and yet still the spirit remains. As the years roll by, our commitment to bringing community together is reaffirmed every time the structures go up, the music starts flowing and the people arrive with their dancing shoes on.

Through what we do together, we aspire to many things: to invite participation from as diverse a community as we are able; to act sustainably across all aspects of the events; to create a safe and playful container for people to show up, with all of themselves; to be in a generative, nurturing relationship to all beings that reside in this place - giving what we can and leaving everyone and thing in a better state than when we collided.

Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we fail and flounder. We are learning all the time - and we welcome others on that journey, with the inevitability of challenges large and small spread amongst the sparkling highs of being together under the dark skies every summer.


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