READ: 'Turn Up The Heat' Album Breakdown - Track 6

Written by Matt Interrupt



Track 6 on the album is 'Good Love' by the incredible General Levy. We've been massive fans of the General ever since we can remember so it was a real honour and a privilege to get him on a track finally!



Our track started out life as a Dancehall riddim which was produced a few years ago by myself and James. It's got a bit more of a 'Modern Dancehall' vibe in comparison to a lot of the other tracks on the album. I think I was consciously trying to do something more modern and less '80s' sounding as we had quite a few already built in that style.



I'm not sure whether Levy picked the riddim or if that's the one we picked for him, but that minimal, kinda 90s dancehall inspired riddim was what we ended up voicing him on, and it worked really well for his slick fast chat style. The track was voiced at Conscious Sounds studio in Hackney. In the same session we also recorded a dubplate from him on a version of 'Breathe' by the Prodigy for a soundclash at Glastonbury!!



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