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Written by Matt Interrupt

Stop That Train has always been one of my favourite reggae riddims. I learned to play it on guitar a few years ago, around the same time as I met with James and started working on tunes for Reggae Roast.

I think this was one of the first riddims we made for the LP - It was produced at my old flat in Vauxhall and originally voiced by Ranking Joe when James was visiting LA.

The tune is kinda 80s dancehall style, with the guitar lick sampled from the original Keith and Tex version. We also recorded some additional guitar parts with James's old university tutor.

For the album cut we recorded Brother Culture & Donovan Kingjay at Conscious Sounds studio in Hackney. Culture's parts were voiced in the same session as 'The Music', then we went on to record Donovan singing the 'Stop That Train' hook.
Donovan Kingjay and Brother Culture were both regulars on the Reggae Roast Soundsystem so it was great to get them on a tune together. Their vocal styles always compliment each other well in the dance and I feel like we captured that vibe nicely on this track.

I have a great memory of playing this one live on the Soundsystem with Ranking Joe and Donovan Kingjay in Camden Market. I think there's a video of it somewhere!



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