New Release: We Don't Stop - Interrupt, Deemus J & Jago

Big, bad and heavy this killer new Album from Reggae Roast's very own Interrupt alongside UK mic vets Deemus J and Jago is sure to mash up soundsystem dances this summer. This feature length album is heavily influenced from the dancehall sounds of the 80's and early 90s and is full of bass heavy bangers!....



About the album...

Producer Matt Interrupt from Reggae Roast soundsystem has teamed up with south London MCs Deemas J and Mista Jago for their upcoming full length album ‘We Don’t Stop’, due for release on Friday 28th April 2023 on Interrupt Music.

This 9 track album is packed full of reggae and dancehall scorchers, with Deemas J showcasing his unique and varied vocal style alongside the raw and heavy ragga tones of Mista Jago. Together, the two MCs tackle a broad range of lyrical subjects and styles, backed by Interrupt’s contemporary take on late 80s and early 90s style dancehall riddims.

The album features guest appearances from Irish reggae and world music singer Cian Finn, providing vocals on the track ‘Keep the Faith’ and London based MC Clapper Priest, featuring on the title track ‘We Don’t Stop’, with additional backing vocals from Sarah Telman and horns by Papa B.

From the fun and quirky upbeat sounds of Roller Boot Disco and Summertime, to bass-heavy soundsystem tunes such as Sweet Little Bird and Rollercoaster Ride, this album is sure to tick all the boxes for any fan of soundsystem and dancehall music, featuring a broad range of tunes designed to keep the crowd dancing and keep the ears engaged!


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